Beatrix "Bodlar" Leben

Artist statement:

Basic geometry shapes the world around us. It reveals a new, yet familiar, emotion when correctly executed in art. As humans dig deeper into reality, they bring an abstract array of minimalism to the surface.

Bodlar pushes those emotional borders to include the observers’ psyche. Through visionary canvas construction, his work unearths the cores of geometry and mathematics––even the creativity of life itself. As these forces pour through Bodlar, a piece of his soul is infused into the painting.

In his progression beyond the emotional borders he wishes you to find, a prolific trail of emotive abstraction is left behind. Pieces conceived beneath umbrellas of fear and love constitute themselves in our world, causing reactions to stir in higher consciousness.

Bodlar brings forth emotional sentiments unlike any other artist, allowing positive and negative to coexist. The sinister holds it’s power in the observer, whether it be an image or a word.

Bodlar forces you to face this unique power, using art as the question and the answer.


Bio Timeline:

Born May 27th, 1982 to an artist and a writer in American Fork Utah.  His family moved to Arizona, then Connecticut, then back to Utah, and finally landed in Las Vegas, Nevada.

1990: At the age of 8 Bodlar painted his first of his abstract paper pieces using a Pilot 15mm marker on construction paper.  He was fascinated by the large markers his father had left over from another project and took them unprompted and had a deep need to make paintings with them.  His mother was so impressed with the pieces she had them framed to hang in their home.

1993:  Bodlar and his family relocates to Las Vegas, NV.

1994:  Interior designer Valerie Ferrari discovers the original paintings hung in Bodlar’s parent’s home.  She inquires with his parents about the artist, which turns out to be the 12 year old Bodlar.  She comissions 20 pieces for use in a riverboat casino cafe in Tennessee anyway.  Bodlar successfully delivers his first commission at the age of 12.

1997:  Bodlar turns to computers after having most of his creative spirit crushed by several devastating high school band and art experiences.  

1999-2012:  After high school Bodlar goes into a successful Information Technology career working his way up from tech support representative to systems administrator.  The whole time he continues to draw, write, and play music. He perpetually wrestles with the desire for a more creative career.  He misses the way he “burned” for music and art in junior high and high school.  He searches for most of this period for something to “burn” for again.  In 2010 after returning to Vegas from a year and a half working in Seattle he starts to consider the idea of going into visual art full time.

April of 2012:  Bodlar finally has an opportunity to take the plunge.  He commits to painting full time, leaving his 13 year IT career behind.

July of 2012:  Bodlar moves downtown to the Art’s District in Las Vegas to open his studio/gallery. 

May of 2015: Bodlar relocates to New York City.

April 2016: Bodlar moves back home to Las Vegas to start coming out to close family and friends as Transgender.

May 2016 - Current: Taking the female name Beatrix, Bodlar has gone full time with her transition over the last year. She is on hiatus from painting to get her finances in order to support a full transition. She is starting a software company making games for mobile and should be starting hormones soon.

Bodlar’s Art Showings:

August of 2012 - Present: He starts showing his work out of his studio/gallery for the monthly Art District opening “First Friday.”

October of 2012:  Bodlar has his first solo show “Fuck Art”

February of 2013:  Bodlar has his second solo show  “This Way”

March of 2013:  Bodlar has an extended weekend show at a local gallery/bar,  The Lady Silvia in Downtown Las Vegas.

May of 2013:  Bodlar has a massive show combining pieces from his first two solo shows to celebrate his first year painting full time.  He fills an entire 3000 sq ft warehouse/office space with nearly 200 pieces.

March of 2014: "Blending Contrasts" collaboration show with Lisa Fields Clark at Jana's Red Room Gallery in the Art's Factory in Downtown Las Vegas

May of 2014: "Go... BOLD BOLD BOLD Bodlar!" Featured artist show with Jana's Red Room Gallery in the Art's Factory in Downtown Las Vegas.

June-July of 2015: Selected works from his "This Way" collection showing at the DaDa Art Bar in Denver, CO.

Dec of 2015: First two shows in NYC. Bodlar co-curated works with photographer Daria Huxley for their show Modern Harmony at Hellphone Speakeasy in Bushwick. Also showed selected flat works with Salazar & Birch at their Pop-Up Gallery, in midtown, Empire Art Sale.

Bodlar in the press:

Interview with ZRockR Magazine:

Celebrated by Artcentron:

Bodlar was selected to represent the Art's District by the Review Journal in their special edition on Downtown Las Vegas.  He was the only artist to appear in the piece (please excuse their typo):